Saturday, May 03, 2008

Food Crisis

I just signed a petition urging world leaders to tackle the food crisis now gripping the world. This is important and I thought you might like to sign it too:

Have you noticed food costing more when you shop? Here’s why -- we're plunging headlong into a world food crisis. Rocketing prices are squeezing billions and triggering food riots around the world. In Sierra Leone alone the price of a bag of rice has doubled, now unaffordable for 90% of citizens. Fears of inflation stalk the whole world, and the worst could be yet to come.

We need to act now -- before it's too late. So we're launching an urgent campaign with African foreign minister and human rights campaigner Zainab Bangura. Click below to see Zainab's video message and add your name to the food crisis petition -- we need to raise 200,000 signatures by the end of this week to deliver a massive global outcry to leaders at the UN, G8 and EU: